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ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2002



Theory of Morality

Abdusalam Gusseinov, Ends and Values: How Moral Action is Possible?
Onora O'Neil, Practical Principles and Practical Judgment.
Leonid Maximov, On the Problem of Definition of Morality.
Andrey Prokofiev, Universal and Particular Content of Morality, or How Special Obligations are Possible?
Anatolyi Skripnik, Being, Logos, and Character.



The History of European Ethics

Olga Zubets, Idleness and Laziness.
Ruben Apressyan, G. Jus Talionis in Hugo Grotius' Treaty “On the Law of War and Peace”.
Olga Artemyeva, The Concept of Moral Rationality in Henry Sidgwick's Ethics.
Sergei Zemlyanoy, Kindness as Eschatological Category. The 1 st and the 2 nd Ethics in the Correspondence of George Lukach and Paul Ernst.



From the History of Russian Ethics

Maria Kluzova, The Metaphysical Foundations of Tolstoy's Ethical-religious World Outlook.