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Julia Rossius

Julia Gennadievna Rossius

Date and place of birth


July 23, 1967, Moscow




  • 1989 – Diploma in “philosopher, teacher of philosophy” Faculty for Philosophy of Moscow State University.
  • 1999 – postgraduate studies in “ethics” at the philosophical faculty of the Moscow Lomonosov State University.


Research areas

Italian philosophy of XIX-XX centuries, Ethics, historicism of Benedetto Croce, hermeneutics, philosophy of E. Betti.

Professional appointments

  • Junior Research Fellow, Department of modern Western philosophy IF Academy of Sciences,
  • Executive secretary of the Philosophy Journal (Filosofskiy zhurnal), Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPhRAS). 

Scientific Publications


  • Emilio Betti // Western Philosophy in 20th and Early 21st Century: Intellectual Biographies, Universitetskaya Kniga Publ., 2016. pp. 108–134.
  • The doctrine of values in Emilio Betti’s theory of interpretation // Istoriya Filosofii [History of Philosophy], 2015. No. 20. pp. 130–144.
  • On Emilio Betti's theory of interpretation. History of Philosophy 17 (2012), p. 83-89.
  • Problems of Russian identity in the context of intercultural interaction (for a review, in collaboration with the N.D. Shmeleva) // Philosophical Sciences (Filosofskie Nauki).  M., 2008. No. 7. S. 143–158.
  • The role of moral progress in the theory of Benedetto Croce. // Problems of the Russian consciousness. M.: IPhRAS, 2009. S. 122–131.
  • Problems of Russian identity: evolutionary formation and revolutionary destruction (for a review, in collaboration with N.D. Shmeleva) // Philosophical Sciences. Moscow, 2009. No. 4, p. 146–158.
  • The philosophy of Bergson and bergsonizm XXI Century (review, in collaboration with T. Gushchin) // Philosophical Sciences (Filosofskie Nauki). M., 2009. No. 9. S. 141–152.
  • France-Russia 2010: a retrospective and a philosophical view to the future (review) // Philosophical Sciences (Filosofskie Nauki). M., 2010. № 11.


  • [Translation from Italian:] Rispoli, Giulia. Systems theories and evolutionary transactions after A.A. Bogdanov // Filosofskie Nauki [Philosophical Sciences], 2014. No. 12. pp. 50–65.
  • [Translation from Italian:] Spaventa B. Italian Philosophy in its connection to European Philosophy // Filosopfskij Zhurnal (Philosophical Journal). 2013. № 2 (11). P. 54–69.
  • [Translation from Italian:] Emilio Betti. Interpretazione storica [Historical interpretation] // History of Philosophy 17 (2012), p. 90-110.


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