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  Irena Vdovina
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Irena Vdovina

Date and place of Birth 1937, Moscow
Education 1962, Philosophy for Faculty of the Moscow State University.
  • 1972 – Ph.D. in Philosophy. Dissertation: The problem of personality in the French personalism. IF Academy of Sciences.
  • 1982 – Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy. Thesis: The French personalism. (Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences [IPhRAS]).
Professional activities Research work in the field of modern Western philosophy.

Research interests

French philosophy of the twentieth century: personalism, phenomenology, hermeneutics.

  • Lecture course: Contemporary Philosophy in France (ROU).
  • Special Course: A phenomenological hermeneutics Ricoeur P. (IPh RAS).
  • Program elective course "Philosophy of France. The twentieth century ", Moscow, Izd. ROU, 1993.
  • Program elective course “Philosophical Problems of communication: M. Buber, E. Mounier, E. Levinas”. M.: ROU Publishing House, 1995.
  • Participated in writing the program: The history of philosophy. The program in-depth study. M.: Phenomenology–Hermeneutics, 2002.
Research projects
  • The head of a collective project “What is philosophy?”. 1998–2001.
  • The head of a collective project “The philosophers of the twentieth century”. 2001–2003; 2004– 2007.
  • The head of a collective project “The philosophers of France”. 2003–2006.
  • Individual project: “Phenomenology in France”. 2003–2006.
List of scientific publications



  • Vdovina I.S. Phenomenology in France. Historical and philosophical essays. Moscow: Kanon +, 2009.
  • French personalism (Critical essay philosophical doctrine). Pergamon Press, 1977.
  • The aesthetics of French personalism. M.: Art, 1981.
  • French personalism: 1932-1982. M.: High School, 1990.
  • Program elective course Philosophy of France. The twentieth century. M.: ROU, 1993.
  • Program elective course Philosophical Problems of communication: M. Buber, E. Mounier, E. Levinas. M.:  ROU Publishing House, 1995.
  • Articles on French philosophy: phenomenology (M.Merlo-Ponty, Levinas, E.) personalism (E. Mounier, J. Lacroix, M. Nedonsel, Jean-M.Domenak), phenomenological hermeneutics (P. Ricoeur), a religious philosophy and other publications in IF Academy of Sciences, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, and others MGII 


  • Milestones of a creative biography // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. 11–22.
  • Paul Ricoeur: The practical wisdom of Philosophy // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. 267-276.

Translation from French

Latest transations (2013)

  • [Transl. from French.:]  Michel J. Le sens des institutions // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. 311–326. 
  • [Transl. from French.:]  L'engagement cоmme "proche" et comme "socius" // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. 346–359.
  • [Transl. from French.:]  Romele A. Economie et reconnaissanse. Perspectives ricoeuriennes // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. 360–374.
  • [Transl. from French.:]  Paul Ricoeur. [Imagination in discource and action] // Paul Ricoeur in Moscow. M.: Canon, 2013. P. С. 452–474.


  • Ricoeur, Paul. The path of recognition. M.: ROSSPEN, 2010 (together with I.I. Blauberg).
  • Lacroix J. Personalism: Origins – reasons – relevance; Personalism as an anti-ideology; Marxism, existentialism, personalism; Feelings and moral life // J. Lacroix Selected Works: Personalism. M.: Rosspen, 2004.
  • Levinas E. Totality and infinite // E. Levinas Selected Works. Vol.1. M.; St. Petersburg.: University Book, 2000.
  • Merleau-Ponty M. In defense of philosophy. M.: Publishing humanities, 1996. Merleau-Ponty M. Marks. M.: Art, 2001.
  • Mounier E. Personalism. M.: Art, 1992.
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  • Mounier E. Hope to the hopeless. M.: Art, 1995. Ricoeur P. History and Truth (co-author.). St Petersburg.: Aletheia, 2002.
  • Ricoeur P. The conflict of interpretations. M.: Canon +, 2002.
  • Ricoeur P. Memory. The history. Oblivion (in collaboration). Moscow, Publishing humanities, 2004. The great philosophical doctrines. M.: The Art – XXI Century, 2005.

Editing Translation from French:

  • Leibniz G.W. New experiments on the Human Understanding // GW Leibniz. Selected Works. Volume 1. M., 1982–1983.
  • Descartes R. Discourse on Method ...; World, or Treatise on Light, first principles of Philosophy // Selected Works. Vols 1, 2. M., 1989.
  • Bergson, Henry. Laughter. M., 1992.
  • Maritain, Jacques. Philosopher in the world. M., 1994. Madina G. Consciousness and love. M., 1995.
  • Bergson, Henri. Creative Evolution (with Blauberg I.I.). M., 1997. Maritain, Jacques. Knowledge and wisdom. Moscow, 1999;
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  • Mounier E. Manifesto of personalism. M., 1999.
  • Levinas E. Selected Works: Difficult Freedom (with Mikhailov I.A.). M., 2004.
Scientific and organizational work

Deputy Head of the Department of Contemporary Western Philosophy.

Member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Philosophy, Scientific Council on the history of philosophy, the Academic Council for Religious Studies, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture.

Conferences 2013 г., May 28–29  – International conference «The Wisdom of Philosophy» (Mocsow, IPh RAS). Head of the Organizing Committee.
Awards, diplomas

1999 – Award for many years of fruitful work in the Academy of Philosophy on the occasion of the  275-th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy.

2004 – Diploma for his great personal contribution to the establishment and development of the Russian Humanitarian Foundation.

2004 – Diploma in translation and preparation for publication of the book: Ricoeur P. The conflict of interpretations. Essays on Hermeneutics, that took the 1-st place in the IPh RAS competition in the nomination" Best publication of philosophical classics. 

2005 – Diploma for the book “Philosophers of the twentieth century. Book One” (associate editor) and “Philosophers of the twentieth century. Book Two” (executive editor), that took 2-nd place  in the competition for the best book (IPh RAS).

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