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  Arsenyeva Lidia Sergeevna
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Arsenyeva Lidia Sergeevna

Date and place of birth

26.01.1953, Lubertsy



Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of philosophy, 1977


Fields of scientific research

Philosophical anthropology



Participant in the project «Dialogue of civilizations in the modern world: philosophical foundations and socio-cultural strategies».


  •  Managerial and coordinating provision of the work of the Directorate of the Institute (till February 2011)
  •  Secretary of the Dissertation Council D.002.015.01.
  • Participation in the work of the seminar of the French-Russian research group «Russian and West-European culture: differential and integral aspects» on the theme «Problems of dualism and egology in the philosophy of science». – Moscow: IPhRAS, 21 October 2010.