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The Department of the history of anthropological doctrines organizes regular monthly scientific-methodological seminars on philosophical anthropology and the philosophy of culture for students, post-graduate students and doctoral candidates that take place in the form of thematic dialogues. Discussion is guided by Prof. Pavel S.Gurevich, head of the department.

The seminar schedule: Saturday from 10.00 to 15.00.

Address: Institute of Philosophy RAS (14/1, Volkhonka str., building 3).


Thematic dialogues that took place in 2014:

18 January 2014 – seminar theme «Anthropocentrism as a philosophical position»;

15 February 2014 – seminar theme «Human being»;

15 March 2014 – seminar theme «Nonbeing, death, immortality»;

19 April 2014 – seminar theme «Human subjectivity»;

17 May 2014 – seminar theme «Modi of human existence»;

20 September 2014 – seminar theme «Human passions»;

18 October 2014 – seminar theme «Personalistic tradition»;

15 November 2014 – seminar theme «Human existentials»;

20 December 2014. – seminar theme «Anthropological catastrophe».


Thematic dialogues that took place in 2013:

19 January 2013 – seminar theme «The spectrum of anthropological knowledge»;

16 February 2013 – seminar theme «Social anthropology»;

16 March 2013 – seminar theme «Cultural anthropology»;

13 April 2013 – seminar theme «Political anthropology»;

18 May 2013 – seminar theme «Historical anthropology»;

14 September 2013 – seminar theme «Religious anthropology»;

19 October 2013 – seminar theme «Psychoanalytical anthropology»;

15 November 2013 – seminar theme «Human other nature»;


  • French-Russian seminars

     The project of the French-Russian seminars was designed in 2009 in Bordeaux after the Pavel Florensky conference (Pavel Florensky and Europe ― The project is realized by the Centre of Human Sciences of Aquitania (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine - MSHA) with participation of the Laboratory “ЕЕЕ” (”Europe-Europeanity-Europeanization” -  “Europe Européanité Européanisation”) of Michel de Montaigne University - Bordeaux 3, Department of Slavic Studies (CERCS - “Collectif d’études et de recherches sur les Civilisations slaves”). The seminars organizer and head of the project – Prof. Maryse Dennes, Michel de Montaigne University (Bordeaux-3), director of CERCS. The co-organizer of the seminar on the Russian side – Prof L. A. Gogotishvili (IPh RAS).

       ― The Russian-French group is presented on the site  SHUSOCRU:[Paris-Bordeaux-Moscou].pdf

       ― The general review of the work of the seminar (2009-2010) on the site of the Institute of Synergic Anthropology (S.S.Khoruzhiy) -

       ― Summer seminar 2010 (Paris, Bordeaux, Pyrénées)

     The first meeting was held in Paris (2 July 2010, Collège des Bernardins). Вступительное слово произнес Fr. Antoine Guggenheim, director of research department of the College des Bernardins. The first key speaker was Prof. S.S.Khoruzhiy (”Descartes egology vs personology of East-Christian and Russian thought”), the second ― Prof. François Laruelle, University Paris-Х (”Man as a generic entity and as an individual”).  Both speakers were asked many questions: about the function of language ― everyday and/or philosophic and/or poetic (M.Dennes), about theses of onomatodoxy (L.Gogotishvili), about the significance of the principle of totality in Russian thought (A. Kozyrev), about the place of philosophy of language and philosophy of name in Russian philosophy (L.Gogotishvili), about the way to reconcile contemplation and action in the world and the possibility to formulate the idea of incarnation, proceeding from a dialogue that might arise between non-philosophy and Russian philosophy (P. Sers). Then the general discussion took place, after which both speakers by way of conclusion expressed their different ideas on Western metaphysics, hesychasm and spiritual practices.

       On 5 July in Bordeaux (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine) the second meeting took place, at which all participants of the research group presented their understanding of the tasks, forms and goals of joint work and planned topics for subsequent seminars. On 6 July the third meeting was held (les Pyrénées, séminaire de Oued Gabarde), where the participants discussed the problem of instability and specificity of philosophical language, the necessity for Russian and French researchers to look for forms of coordinated understanding. Special attention was paid to the relation between philosophical and poetic languages.

     ― Autumn seminar 2010 («Dualism and egology within the framework of interaction of Russian and Western cultures: elements of differentiation and integration») was held in IPh RAS on the basis of the department of the history of anthropological doctrines. F. Laruelle and A.-F. Schmid were invited by the Institute. At the first meeting (21 October 2010) F.Laruelle presented his paper «The notion of non- philosophy» and S.S.Khoruzhiy gave his broad comments on this presentation «The contexts of the non-philosophy project». On the second meeting (22 October) A.-F. Schmid presented her paper «Generic epistemology: from Ego to «collective intimacy of science») and V.P. Troitskiy – «The three images of knowledge (comparison of Platonism, cartesianism and the «image of knowledge» as represented in the works by P. Florensky and A. Losev)». The materials of the seminar were published in the j. «Filosofia i Kultura» (2011, No 4) with a review of the seminar and information about F.Laruelle and the papers by F.Laruelle, A.-F.Schmid, S.S.Khoruzhiy and the article by L.A.Gogotishvili «The immanent, the transcendent and the dual at the fifth stage of F.Laruelle’s non-philosophy».

     ― Seminar 2011: L’Europe comme Lieu d’interdiscipline. Vers une «science de l’Europe». 4-5 July 2011, Bordeaux. The seminar was organized by M. Dennes in cooperation with A.-F.Schmid (INSA, Lyon), M.Mambrini (DR CNRS, INRA), Ludmila Gogotishvili (IPh RAS, Moscow). Information on the site:

     ― Seminar 2012 (3, 4 and 5 September 2012) Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine dans le cadre de l’EEE (Europe Européanité Européanisation). The theme «Toward general European science? Interdisciplinarity in the context of the philosophical dialogue between France and Russia». Papers: 1) Maryse Dennes: Different kinds of dualism and interdisciplinarity: a comparison of cultural practices and archetypes; Ludmila Gogotishvili (IPh RAS, Moscow): “Inter-Bakhtin”: between cultures and disciplines; Serguey Khoruzhiy (Moscow): Nonclassical anthropology as a clue to new organization of humanitarian knowledge; Viktor Troitskiy (Losev House, Moscow): Dual cognitive heuristics and the resource of interdisciplinarity; Leo Coutellec (Institut national des Sciences appliquées - INSA, Lyon, France): Interdisciplinarity as inter-science and scientific dynamics in Vladimir Vernadsky; Prof. François Laruelle (Université Paris-Х): Non-philosophical conjugation of sciences Mureil Mambrini-Daudet; (Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Jouy-en-Josas, south-western suburb of Paris, France): New horizons of interdisciplinarity in arising sciences; Marie-Genevieve Pinsart (Free University, Brussels): Heterogeneity of life forms and interdisciplinarity in ethics committees; Anne-Françoise Schmid (Institut national des Sciences appliquées - INSA, Lyon, France): Zones of inter-science as foundations for criticism of dualism and egology; Tatyana Karachentsova (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel): Borders of aesthetics and aesthetics as a border: ultra-, over-, inter-disciplinarity or non-disciplinarity? Aleksey Kozyrev (philosophical faculty of Moscow State University, Moscow): The role and functions of aesthetics in creative work of Russian philosophers of the Silver Age (cultural specificity of Russia); Philippe Sers (College des Bernardins, Paris, France): Artistic model on the crossroads of Russian and Western cultures. The example of Kandinsky — his conception as a cultural paradigm and its philosophical consequences.

    The sound record of all presentations and discussions of the seminar 2012 can be found on: Information about the seminar -

     ― About the seminar 2013 (Jerusalem, March) L.A.Gogotishvili prepared a review of papers and discussion (see: j. «Filosofia i kultura», 2013, No 5).