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  Avalyan Susanna Artushovna
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Avalyan Susanna Artushovna

Date and place of birth  


09.08.1991, Yerevan (Armenia)




  • Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (2008-2010)
  • Russian State University of Trade and Economics



Professional appointments

  • Laboratory assistant, in charge of the Department’s part of the website.
  • Executive secretary of the journal “Pedagogika i prosveshchenie” [Pedagogy and enlightenment]
  • Secretary of the Council of the Branch for Axiology and Philosophical Anthropology

Scientific publications

  • O zhizni i smerti [On life and death] // Psikhologia i psikhotekhnika [Psychology and psychotechnology]. 2012. No. 6(45). P. 6-12
  • Glubiny podsoznaniya i religia [Depths of subconsciousness and religion] // Psikhologia i psikhotekhnika [Psychology and psychotechnology]. 2012. No. 4(43). P. 25-31
  • Iskateli istiny v protsesse transmutatsii [Searchers for truth in the process of transmutation] // Pedagogika i prosveshchenie [Pedagogy and enlightenment]. 2012. No.1 (5). P. 68-74.
  • Istoriko-filosofskoe osmyslenie kategorii Drugogo [Historical-philosophical interpretation of the category of the Other] // Psikhologia i psikhotekhnika [Psychology and psychotechnics], 2011. No.9 (36). P.6-21.