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  The Academic Year 2004–2005
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The Academic Year 2004–2005



Centre for Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy and Science




(The Academic Year 2004-2005)



October 21, 2004

Alexey Phokin (Institute of Philosophy)

"Volition in the Early Medieval Western Theology"


November 18, 2004

Valery Petroff (Institute of Philosophy)

"Maximus the Confessor on Hypostatic Divisions of the Created"


December 16, 2004

Iouri Chitchaline (St Tikhon's Orthodox University)

"Person in the Orthodox Doctrine: ὑπόστασις, πρόσωπον, ἕνωσις"


January 27, 2005

Svetlana Mesyats (Istitute of Philosophy)

"Plotinus on Consciousness"


February 17, 2005

Galina Vdovina (Institute of Philosophy)

"The Difference between Formal and Objective Notions in Scholasticism"


February 24, 2005

Andrey Seregin (Institute of Philosophy)

"Suffering and Infliction of Suffering in Ancient Philosophical Ethics and Christian Patristics"


March 24, 2005

Maria Solopova (Institute of Philosophy)

"Γνώμη, συνγνώμη, ἐπιείκεια in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Book 6"


April 21, 2005

Valery Petroff (Institute of Philosophy)

"Ambiguum XLI of Maximus the Confessor: Its Main Concepts, Sources, and Interpretation"