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Professional activities

Ruben G. Apressyan


Professional activities 


  • Member, Editorial Council, Philosophy and Religious Studies (Ulan-Bator, Mongolia), 2022 – present;

  • Editor-in-Chief, j. Chelovek/The Human Being (Russian Academy of Sciences, Mocsow), 2018 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Board, Vestnik PNIPU. Kul'tura. Istoriya. Filosofiya. Pravo (Bulletin of PNRPU. Culture. History. Philosophy. Law), Perm City, 2018 – present;
  • Member, Expert Committee for Publication Program, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2017 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Board, Eticheskaya mysl/Ethical Thought (RAS Institute of Philosophy, Moscow), 2015 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Board, ΠΡAΞHMA. Problemy Vizualnoy Semiotiki (ΠΡAΞHMA. The Problems of Visual Semiotics. Tomsk City), 2016 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Council, Filosofskaya Antropologiya/Philosophical Anthropology (RAS Institute of Philosophy, Moscow), 2015 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Council, Angewandte Philosophie. Eine internationale Zeitschrift (Goettingen, Germany)б 2014 – present;
  • Member, Editorial Council, Medical Ethics Journal (Teheran, Iran), 2018 – present.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Fundamental Aspects of Mental Health (Moscow), 2017 – present;
  • Member, Science Advisory Council, Stockholm Environment Institute (Stockholm Sweden), 2017–2020;
  • Member, Advisory Board, Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, 2011–2017;
  • Director, International project, “Environmental Ethics in Teaching Social Sciences and Humanities” (ReSET-HESP, Open Society Institute – Soros Foundation).: 2007–2010;
  • Member, Expert Counsel for Philosophical Sciences and Sociology, The Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, since 2006–2013;
  • Vice-Chair UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group (AHEG) For The Declaration on The Ethical Principles in Relation to Climate Change, 2016–2017;
  • Member, UNESCO Working Group on the Ethics of Climate Change, 2008–2011;
  • Member, Russian Committee for Bioethics, 2006–2015;
  • Member, UNESCO Advisory Expert Commission for the Teaching of Ethics: 2004–2012;
  • Member, UNESCO World Commision for the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology: 2004–2011;
  • Director, International project, “The Advancement of Teaching Ethics in Higher Education” (ReSET-HESP, Open Society Institute – Soros Foundation).: 2004–2007;
  • Member, Board of Experts, Sub-Program of Tolerance, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation Russia), 19992002;
  • Member, Editorial Board, New Encylopedia of Philosophy, 1998–2001;
  • Member, Editorial Board, Chelovek/The Human Being, 1994–1999;
  • Member, Editorial Council, Filosofskie Nauki/Philosophical Sciences (Moscow), 1998 – present;
  • Expert; Chairperson (1999), Secondary Education Program Board, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation Russia), 19961999;
  • Executive Coordinator, Encyclopedia of Ethics, 1995–2001;
  • Director, “Responsible Citizenship Rational Choices”, Russian-American education and publication project, 1995–1997;
  • Expert, Russian Foundation for Humanities, 19952016;
  • Director, “The Ideas and Principles of Nonviolence for Teachers”, Russian-Lithuanian-American Training Project, March-November 1994;
  • Expert, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 1993–1995, 2017–present;
  • Coordinator, “Foundations of Civil Society: Western Democratic Traditions and Russian Experience”, Russian-American Research Project, 1993–1995;
  • Executive coordinator, Organizing Board, “Ethics of Civil Society”, International Summer School in Moral and Political Philosophy, Plios, Ivanovo region, 1994, 1993, 1992;
  • International Member, Advisory Counsil for the M.K.Gandhi Institute for Study of Nonviolence, Christian Brothers University, USA , 1992–1997;
  • Member, Intersocietal Relations Committee, The Ethikon Institute, USA, 1992–1997;
  • Executive secretary, Organizing Board, “Nonviolent Conflict Resolution”, Soviet-American Workshop for police officers, Мoscow: 1991;
  • Member, Board of Directors, “Survival of the Planet», Conference and Course, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 1989, 1991;
  • Member of the Organizing Comittee, “Ethics of Nonviolence”, International Conference, Мoscow: 1989;
  • Deputy Chair, Director (since 1992), The Research and Education Centre for the Ethics of Nonviolence, Мoscow: 1989–1999;
  • Academic Secretary, Annual Summer School for Postgraduate Studies, Philosophical Society, Мoscow: 1983-1985,1987,1988;
  • Member, Comission for Ethics and Moral Education, Moscow Society for Popular Education, “Znanie», 1982–1992;
  • Executive Secretary, Comission for Ethics, USSR Ministry for Higher Education, 1981–1987.