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Papers and Talks

Ruben G. Apressyan


Papers and Talks


  • "Modern Moral Philosophy On Its Way to a Specified Concept of Morality". – German-Russian Project Workshop “The Concept of Morality in Modern Ethics”. (Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany, 8–9.11.2016).
  • “Moral Sense and the Agent’s Autonomy in Francis Hutcheson”. – The Third International Seminar of the Mediterranean Society for the Study of the Scottish Enlightenment  “Scottish Enlightenment and Freedom», – Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey, 28–30.05. 2014.
  • “Moral Normativity: Sources, Nature, Forns of Representation”. Russian-Turkish Conference  “Current Philosophical Issues in Persepective to Russian and Turkey”. – May 29 Istambul University – Suleyman Shah University, Istanbul, Turkey, 28–29.10.2013.
  • “Towards a Core Understanding of Morality”. – The 23d World Philosophical Congress, Athens, 4–10.08.2013.
  • “Two paradigms in philosophy of love”. – The 23d World Philosophical Congress, Athens, 4–10.08.2013.
  • “The Genesis of the Golden Rule». – Therology Deaprtment Seminar, Uppsala University, Sweden, 24.01.2013.
  • “Commandment "Resist Not Evil": Normative Contexts and Associations.» – Ethics and the Challenge of Secularism: Russian and Western Perspectives, Notre Dame Conference Center, May 25–26, 2012.
  • “The Concept of Morality in David Hume’s Philosophy.” – International Conference “David Hume and Contemporary Philosophy”, Institute of Philosophy, November 15–17, 2011, Moscow.
  • “The Strategies of Normative Action (UNESCO Experience)”; “On Ethical Regulation of Science Activity.” – International Scientific Conference “Academic Ethics and Improvement of University Management”, June 28–30, 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • “Ethical Uncertainties and Certainties in the Discourse on Climate Change.” – Department of Theology, Uppsala University, May 11, 2011, Sweden.
  • “Civil Society: A Situation of Discursive Uncertainty.” – Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies Seminar, April 19, 2011, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • “Legitimacy: Power and Society.” – International Conference “Power and Legitimacy: Challenges from Russia,» April 15–16, 2011, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • “Ethical Certainties and Uncertainties Regarding Climate Change.” – International Conference: “Environmental Ethics: Biodiversity and Climate Change”, Monaco, December, 8–10 2010.
  • “Ethical Implication of Global Climate Change.” – Expert meeting on Environmental Ethics towards Climate Change Adaptation in the Arab Region. – Damascus, Syria, November 22–25, 2010.
  • “Communicative Source of Moral Ought.” – Theoretical Seminar, Sector of Ethics Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, October 21, 2010.
  • “Civil Society. The Concept in Debate.” – British-Russian Workshop “Ethics and Civil Society.» Hull, Great Britain, September 25–26, 2010.
  • “On Normative Contexts and Associations of the Commandment ‘o Not Resist Evil’” – Theoretical Seminar, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden), April 13, 2010.
  • “The Ethics of Force.” – Theoretical Seminar, Center for Russian Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden), March 16, 2010.
  • “The Idea of Toleration in the Russian Perspective.” – British-Russian Workshop “Toleration and Conflict”, London, September 30–31, 2009;
  • “Environmental Ethics Education.» – The 6th Ordinary Session of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 16–19, 2009.
  • “The Forms of International Research Collaboration, Its Motives and Obstacles: Cooperation between Russian and EU Country Scientists in Social Sciences and the Humanities: Problems and Perspectives, International Seminar. Moscow, October 23–24, 2008.
  • “Whether There is the Golden Rule in Aristotle’s Ethics?” – XXII World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul. South Korea, August 5, 2008.
  • “Conflict and Toleration”. Plenary Symposium, Chair 4 августа 2008: XXII World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul. South Korea, August 4, 2008.
  • “Normative Environmental Ethics”. Series of 5 lectures: 2nd Summer School, Environmental Ethics in Teaching Social Sciences and Humanities. International project. Nakhabino, Moscow reg., June 1–16, 2008.
  • “The Practices of Mercy in The Brothers Karamazov”. – Art, Creativity, and Spirituality in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov. College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, USA, April, 10–12, 2008.
  • “The Principles of Environmental Ethics.” – Environmental Ethics in Teaching Bioethics. Minsk, Belorussia, May 22–23, 2008.
  • “New UNESCO Initiative in Teaching Bioethics.” – Bioethical Committees and Teaching Bioethics. International Conference. Minsk, Belorussia, November 14–15, 2007.
  • “Philosophy of Love: Classical and Post-classical Paradigms.” – Department of Philosophy, Hull University. Hull, UK, October 2, 2007.
  • “Studies in Ethics in the USSR and Russia Today.” – Dialogues, Forum for European Philosophy. London School of Economics. London, UK, September 26, 2007.
  • “Environmental Ethics: General Observation.” – Series of 5 lectures: 1st Summer School, Environmental Ethics in Teaching Social Sciences and Humanities. International project. Moscow. Dobroe, Moscow reg. June 9–16, 2007.
  • “Teaching of Ethics of Science and Technology.” – 5th Session of UNESCO COMEST, Dakar, Senegal, December 5–9, 2006.
  • 6 Lectures in Aplied Ethics: The 3d Summer School. International Project “The Advancement of Teaching Ethics in Higher Education.” Dobroe, Moscow reg. June 23 – July 07, 2006.
  • “Possible Formats of Ethics for Children.” – 2nd International Conference “Philosophy for Children.” Moscow, May 25–28, 2006.
  • “The Phenomenon of Public Morality.” – Russian-Ukrainian Symposium “Public Morality: Research Methods, Normative and Aplied Implications,” Kyiv, Ukraine, February 1–2, 2006. 
  • “The Place of Ethics in Higher Education.” – The 7th  LLinE Conference “Doing Better, Doing Right – Ethics in Lifelong Learning,” Helsinki, Finland, September 25–27, 2004.
  • “Natural Law, Realism, and Justice in Violent Conflict Resolution.» International Symposium on Philosophy and Society in the 21st Century, Gunsan, South Korea, June 6-9, 2004.
  • “Kant and the Ethics of Moral Sense.” International Kant Conference, Moscow, May 21–15, 2004.
  • “The Idea of Tolerance in Russia Today.” International Europalia Conference “West and Russia Dialogue: the Lost Oportunities”, Brussels, Belgium, October 25–26, 2005.
  • “Life Science Ethics in the Context of Russian Ethics Researches.” The 2nd Workshop in Life Science Ethics. Lisbon-Arrabida, Portugal, July 22–24, 2005.
  • “Series of 5 lectures: The 2nd Summer School. International Project “The Advancement of Teaching Ethics in Higher Education.” Dobroe, Moscow reg. June 22 – July 11, 2005.
  • “Ethical Issues and the Role of Academies.” ALLEA International Conference “Common Values in the European Research Area – European Scientists and Scholars Meeting Their Responsibility.” Amsterdam, May 19–20, 2005.
  • “Teaching Ethics; Animal and Ethics.” COMEST UNESCO International Conference “Ethics of Science and Technology,» Bangkok, Thailand, March 23–25, 2005.
  • “Metanormative Content of Just War Principles.” International Conference “Moral Constraints on War,» Benjing, China, October 17–19, 2003.
  • “Natural Law, Realism, and Justice in Violent Conflict Resolution.” International Workshop “Rationality and Community”, Oslo, Norway June 8–9, 2002.
  • “Talion, its Reception in Christianity and Islam.” Moscow International Conferenc in Comparative Philosophy “Moral Philosophy in Pluralist Cultural Context”, Moscow, June 5–7, 2002.
  • “Obedience and Responsibility in Different Types of Military Ethics.” Military Obedience. Ethical, Military and Legal Aspects). Brussels, Belgium, July 27–29, 2001.
  • “The Ethos of Global Civilization.” The First World Congress on Global Civilization, Sydney, Australia, July 16–18, 2001.
  • “Last Resort.” Just War Principles. Second American-Belgian-Russian Symposium, Moscow, May 25–26, 2000;
  • (a) “Civil Disobedience – in Political Theory and Social Practice (John Rawls and Mohandas Gandhi); 
    (b) “The Tendencies of Nonviolence and Violence in the Early Post-Soviet Russia.” Nonviolent Struggles in the Twentieth Century and Their Lessons for the Twentyfirst.” International Workshop, Delhi, October, 5–12 1999;
  • “The Idea of Just War. Marxism and Pacifism.” Just War Principles. American-Belgian-Russian Symposium, Brussels, July 22-25, 1999;
  • “Ethical Criteria for Space Use – A Russian Perspective.” Space Use and Ethics. Criteria for the Assessment of Future Space Projects.” International Conference, Darmshtadt, Germany, March, 3-5, 1999;
  • “The Languages of Discipline and Perfection in Ethics.” The Languages of Ethics, Moscow, June 15–17, 1998;
  • “Linguistic Violence.” Gandhi and the Twenty-first Century: International Seminar, New Delhi–Sewagram, January 30 – February 4, 1998;
  • “Ethical Values and Economic Activity in Current Russia.” Cultures and Economics: International Round-table. Brussels, November 13-17, 1996;
  • “Business Ethics in Russia.” The First World Con­gress of Business, Economics and Ethics. Tokyo, July 25-28, 1996.
  • “Corporate Ethos. Business in Current Russia.” Ethical and Sociocultural Contexts: Russian-German Symposium, Moscow, November 27, 1995;
  • “Democracy and Citizenship.” Foundations of Civil Society: American Democratic Traditions and Russian Experience: American-Russian Summer Institute, Columbus, Ohio, USA, June 29, July 13, 1995;
  • “Russian Uncertainties Regarding Democracy.” Russian-American Round-table Thorny Road to Democracy, Moscow, March 14-15, 1995;
  • “The Traditions and Tasks of Teaching Philosophy in Current Russia.” Philosophy and Democracy in the World, UNESCO, Paris, February 15-16, 1995;
  • “Communication and Differences.” Lecture, Russian-Lithuanian-American Workshop, November 2–9, 1994;
  • “The Coups of Our Time. Violence in Post-Totalitarian Societies.” Russian-German Symposium, Moscow, September 22-23, 1994;
  • “Ethics and Nonviolence;” “The Experiences of Violence and Nonviolence in School.” Two Lectures: The Humanist Pedagogy and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, Russian-Lithuanian Workshop, May 22–29, 1994;
  • “The Ideas of Freedom and Liberty in Russian Mentality.” American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Kansas, Mo. May 6, 1994;
  • “Nonviolent Teaching Techniques. The University of Kansas Institute for Research in Learning Disabilities, May 2, 1994;
  • “Ethical Studies in Russia Today. The University of Kansas, April 29, 1994;
  • “The Prospects of Liberalism in Russian Transition to Democracy. International seminar, Sintra, Portugal, February 28 – March 12, 1994;
  • “Anthropological Correlations of Morality.” 19th World Philosophical Congress, Moscow, Russia, August 22–27, 1993;
  • “Liberalism and Market in New Russia.” Public Lecture, Manchester, New-Hampshire, USA, March 10, 1993;
  • “Democracy in New Russia.” Lecture. 
    Danison University, Granvill, Ohio, USA, March 8, 1993;
    New Hampshire University, New-Hampshire, March 10, 1993;
  • “The Nature of Nonviolence.” Lecture, Ohio State University, Columbus, Oh, USA, April 30, 1992;
  • “Philosophy in the Post-Communist Russia.” Lecture. Ohio State University, April 29, 1992;
  • “Totalitarianism and Nonviolence.” Lecture. Rhodos College, Memphis, Tn, USA, April 15, 1992;
  • “The August Coup: Lessons from Nonviolent Struggle.” Lecture:
    Manhattan, College, New York, NY, USA, April 6, 1992;
    Lithuanian Peaceful Way Towards Independence. International Confernce, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 20, 1992.
  • “Ethical Reflection on the Failed August Coup in the USSR: Lecture/Paper. 
    Windsor University, Windsor, On, Canada, December 7,1991;
    Conrad Grabel College, Waterloo, On, Canada, November 25, 1991;
    Mershon Center, Ohio State UIniversity, November 8, 1991;
    Dayton University, Dayton, Oh, USA, November 7, 1991;
    Institute for International Peace Studies, The University of Notre Dame, South Bendin, Ill, USA, November 5, 1992;
    Wifrid Laurier University, Waterloo, On, Canada, October 18, 1992.
  • “The Idea of Morality: Lecture/Paper. 
    New-Hampshire University, March 9, 1993;
    McMaster University, Hamilton, On, Canada, November 22, 1991;
    The University of Western Ontario, London, On, Canada, November 15, 1991;
    Ohio State University, November 8, 1991;
    University of Waterloo, Waterloo, On, Canada, October 1,1991;
    Queen's University, Kingston, On, Canada, September 28, 1991;
    Wilfrid Laurier University, October 11, 1991;
    York University, Toronto, On, Canada, October 2, 1991.
  • “The Fate of Marxism in the Soviet Union: Review. Dayton University, November 6, 1991;
  • “Nonviolence: Obstacles and Prospectives. Nonviolent Alternatives of the Soviet Society: Round Table, X END Peace Convention, Moscow, August 10, 1991;
  • “Rationality – in Ethics and Morality: Morality and Rationality. Soviet-British Simposium, Moscow, October 5, 1990;
  • “Moral Controversies of the Soviet Perestroika: Penal Discussion. National Library, Calcutta, India, February 26, 1990;
  • “Ethics and Literature: Penal Discussion. The Jadavpur University, Calcutta, February 25, 1990;
  • “The Space of Mersy. Selfless Service: International conference, Institute of Culture, Ramakrishna Mission, Calcutta, February 16, 1990;
  • “Theoretical and Normative Problems in Moral Philosophy. Ethical Prospectives: National conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, December 24, 1989;
  • “Thorny Paths of Human Communication: The Survival of the Planet: Intermational conference, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, June 21, 1989;
  • “Perestroika and Glasnost in the USSR: Penal Discussion, The University of East Anglia, Norwige, United Kingdom, May 19, 1989;
  • “Antropological Basis of Morality: Human Values in Social Dinamics. National conference, Riga, Latvia, April 7, 1989;
  • “Morality and Nonviolence in Social Reforms. Ethical Issues of Social and Economic Reforms, Polish-Soviet Conference, Warsaw, Poland, November 25, 1988;
  • “The Principle of Altruism in International Relations; Social Responsibility of Experts for Large Scale Social Projects: Survival of the Planet. Course and Conference, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, June, 1987;    
  • “The Psychology and Ethics of Hedonism: Lecture. Humboldt University, Berlin, East Germany, January 15, 1986.


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