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Books 2008–2010



Гуревич П.С. Культурология: учебник пособие. – 2-е изд., стер. – М.: Издательство «Омега-Л», 2010

Gurevich, P.S. Kulturologia [Culturology]: textbook. – 2nd ed., – M.: «Omega-L» Publ., 2010. – 427 p. – (University textbook). – ISBN 978-5-370-01307-2 Agency CIP RGB.


The textbook highlights the most important problems of culturology: how culturology and the philosophy of culture are related, what is culture, how search for meaning goes on in culture, what ensures the dynamics of culture. Special attention is paid to such problems as a semiotic approach to culture, axiological dimension of culture, the integral character of culture. The author also discusses new tendencies of culturology expressed in nihilism, postmodernist philosophy and transpersonal psychology.

The book is meant not only for students and specialists, it might be of interest to the broad reading public.


Sultanova, M.A. Filosofia kontrkultury Teodora Rozsaka [The philosophy of culture of Theodore Rozsak]: (a philosophical essay). – M.: IPhRAS, 2009. – 175 p. -ISBN 978-5-9540-0155-6.


This philosophical essay makes an attempt at analyzing the works of a theorist of counterculture T.Rozsak. Philosophical-intuitive, antitechnological and antitechnocraqtic ideas of «ecological personalism», as well as religious-mystic motives inherent in counterculture (a leftist-radical protest movement of students and intellectuals in the USA in the 6070ies of the 20th c.), in many respects reflected ideological and spiritual strivings of young intellectuals in the past decades of the 20th c., has a powerful effect on world art, on the whole spiritual and intellectual climate of our age. Opposition to the dominant culture, birth of new value-moral and life attitudes are regarded in modern philosophy of counterculture as a process periodically reviving in the world history.

The publication in 2009 was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of a grandiose rock festival in Woodstock, (New-York, USA) in 1969. This event, having gathered about half a million of participants, is regarded as the beginning of a mass protest movement termed counterculture.

 Гуревич П.С. Психология личности: учебное пособие для студ. вузов

Gurevich, P.S. Psikhologia lichnosti [Psychology of the personality]: textbook for univ.stud. – M.: Yuniti-Dana, 2009. – 559 p. – (Series «Actual psychology»). – ISBN 978-5-238-01588-0 Agency CIP RGB.


Psychology of the personality is a very popular and interesting set of knowledge. Modern psychological literature, for designation of a human being, for his characteristic, uses three terms: «individual», «individuality», «personality». The textbook deals with such problems as human nature, human essence, human subjectivity, uniqueness of a human being, the problem of integrity, etc. As has been shown, the personality implies eternal strain and search. The personality is always a breakthrough into the spiritual sphere. According to N.A.Berdyaev, attainment of spirituality is the major objective of human life. The textbook contains a combination of theoretical and applied aspects of studying the personality, its development, motivation, mental health and psychopathologies. Special attention is paid to the typology of the personality.

The textbook might be of interest to psychologists and philosophers, university and college students, and also to the general public.

 Гуревич П.С. Психология рекламы: историко-аналитическое и философское содержание: учебное пособие

Gurevich, P.S. Psikhologia reklamy: istoriko-analiticheskoe i filosofskoe soderzhanie [Psychology of advertisement: historical-analytic and philosophical content]: textbook. – Rostov-on-Don: Feniks, 2009. – 459 p. – (Higher education). – ISBN 978-5-222-14768-9.


The textbook deals with advertisement as a social and psychological phenomenon. The author discusses psychological mechanisms employed in advertising, shows the possibilities of advertisement and ways of enhancing its effectiveness. On the other hand, the books relates the psychology of advertisement and philosophical anthropology. The author answers the questions: why advertisement appeared and what ensures its activities, which essentially are not mere information. The book points out to relations between advertisement and lifestyles, people’s values and attitudes.

For students, post-graduate students and lecturers, for all interested in deep processes of advertising.

 Гуревич П.С. Расколотость человеческого бытия

Gurevich, P.S. Raskolotost’ chelovecheskogo bytiya [The split of human being]. – M.: IPhRAS, 2009. – 199 p. – ISBN 978-5-9540-0144-0.

This monograph continues to develop the ideas presented in the author’s book «Problema tselostnosti cheloveka [The problem of human integrity]» (M., 2004). Highlighting the meaning of modern interpretation of human being, the author offers his interpretation of this problem. The split of human being is shown through binary oppositions of being and non-being, the integral and the splitted, the bodily and the spiritual, the immanent and the transcendent, the individual and the social, the identical and the impersonal, the creative and the destructive. Special attention is paid to analysis of present-day philosophical-anthropological conceptions. The book develops a number of polemical topics related to the problem of the «death of man», the «wholeness of man», «disintegration of identity», etc.
 Гуревич П.С. Культурология: учебник для средних профессиональных учебных заведений

Gurevich, P.S. Kulturologia [Culturology]: textbook for comprehensive vocational institutions. – M: YuNITI-DANA, 2008. – 327 p. (Series «Textbooks of Professor P.S.Gurevich»). – ISBN 978-5-238-01289-6 Agency CIP RGB.

The book is designed for students of comprehensive vocational institutions and also for senior schoolchildren, and deals with various cultures, their types and developmental stages, discusses interaction of cultures and their mutual influences, gradually bringing readers to general regularities of their development and problems of culturology as an academic discipline. What is culture? How is it related to nature? What is the difference between culture and civilization? Why so many cultures originate and how they interact with each other? The textbook also shows the structure of culture and its various spheres.
 Гуревич П.С. Обществознание. 11 класс


Gurevich, P.S. Obshchestvoznanie. 11 klass [Social knowledge. Grade 11]: textbook for secondary schools / P.S.Gurevich, E.Z.Nikolaeva. – M.: Mnemozina, 2008. – 303 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-346-00919-1.

The course of social science includes two textbooks – for grades 10 and 11 of comprehensive secondary schools. They embrace a wide range of knowledge on philosophy, sociology, history, economics, law, psychology, on problems of politics and the spiritual sphere, which are discussed in their interrelations and interactions as in integral system of social relationships.

Each paragraph of the textbook ends with the rubric «To be understood and remembered» containing key moments of the topic of study. The questions and assignments are differentiated by their complexity levels. Creative homework for students is also specified.
 Гуревич П.С. Политическая психология: учебное пособие для студентов вузов

Gurevich, P.S. Politicheskaya psikhologia [Political psychology]: textbook for university students. – M: YuNITI-DANA, 2008. – 543 p. – (Series «Actual psychology»). – ISBN 978-5-238-01429-6 Agency CIP RGB.

How do people behave in politics? What life principles and ideas they uphold? What are motives of their behaviour? What psychological mechanisms manifest themselves in the sphere of political behaviour of particular individuals, groups and whole societies? Political psychology is a field of psychology studying psychological components – moods, opinions, feelings, value orientations, and also their specificities – in the political life of society. These specificities are formed and manifested at the level of political consciousness and self-consciousness of nations, classes, social groups, governments, individuals, and are implemented in concrete political actions. The book highlights such issues as the birth of political pathopsychology, psychohistory, psychology of masses, psychology of leadership and the cult of leader, political language, etc.

The textbook might be of interest not only to specialists but also to the broad reading public.
 Гуревич П.С. Философия религии: Хрестоматия: Учебное пособие

Gurevich, P.S. Filosofia religii [The philosophy of religion]: Reading book: textbook / Comp. and ed. by D.Sc. in philosophy and philology, Prof. P.S.Gurevich. – M.: of Moscow Institute of Psychology and Sociology (MPSI); Voronezh: NPO «MODEK» Publishers, 2008. – 600 p. – (Series «Student’s library»). – ISBN 978-5-89502-827-8 (MPSI) – ISBN 978-5-89395-748-8 (NPO «MODEK»). 

The reading book is a supplement to the book by Prof. P.S.Gurevich «Religiovedenie [Religious studies]». Selecting the material, the author proceeded from the idea that «philosophy of religion is a total of philosophical attitudes towards religion, philosophical comprehension of its nature and functions, and also philosophical justification of deity, reasoning on its nature and attitude to the world and mankind». The selected works are divided into three sections: «Religious and mystic experience»; «Philosophical comprehension of religion»; «Religion and culture».

The reading book will be helpful to specialists engaged in deep investigation into problems of religious studies, to all who seeks philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of religion.
 Гуревич П.С. Философская антропология: учебное пособие

Gurevich, P.S. Filosofskaya antropologiya [Philosophical anthropology]: textbook. – M.: «Omega-L» Publ., 2008. – 607 p. – ISBN 978-5-370-00802-3.

The textbook highlights various types of philosophical-anthropological doctrines, discusses the spectrum of philosophical problems of man, presents philosophical anthropology as an independent discipline. Philosophical anthropology studies human nature, the meaning and value of human life, the drama of human relationships. The book is structured around the issues of systematization of anthropological ideas, anthropological catastrophe, anthropogenesis, human subjectivity and personalistic tradition. The book contains controlling questions, topics for homework and written tests.

For students of the humanities.
 Гуревич П.С. Эстетика: учебник для студентов высших учебных заведе­ний

Gurevich, P.S. Estetika [Esthetics]: textbook for university students. – M: YuNITI-DANA, 2008. – 303 p. – (Series «Textbooks of Professor P.S.Gurevich»). – ISBN 978-5-238-01021-2 Agency CIP RGB.

The book deals with the esthetics of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Renaissance and Medieval Europe, the esthetics of avant-gardism and modern postmodernism. Special sections are dedicated to outstanding representatives of world culture and art: I. Kant, G. Hegel, F. Schlegel, P. Rubens, F. Goya, S. Dali, W. Shakespeare, J.W. Goethe, C. Baudelaire and others.

For students of the humanities at universities, colleges and high schools, and also for the broad reading public.

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