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The beginning and motivation of scientific knowledge: reasoning about surprise. G. Gutner. - M.: LENAND, 2018. - 200 p. - ISBN 978-5-9710-5328-6.


The book discusses the topic of the beginning of scientific knowledge, understood as a philosophical problem. The beginning is not viewed as a purely historical process or a chronologically fixed source of science. This is a special act of thought that takes place whenever a person turns to scientific creativity. Without such an act, science risks degenerating into some other practice, ceasing to be science itself. The main content of this act is astonishment. Referring to Plato's famous thesis from the dialogue “Teetat”, repeated by Aristotle in “Metaphysics”, the author traces the theme of surprise in philosophical and scientific texts of different eras. Surprise itself is seen not as a psychological state, but as a way of thinking.


The essential moment of surprise is the constitution of an object, i.e., the selection from the totality of the "assistant" (M. Heidegger) of a subject of special interest requiring special study. The book discusses in detail two types of objectivity associated with the concepts of "object" and "tool." Each type of objectivity is closely associated with a specific use of language and ontology. In other words, the book proposes to consider the discourse of surprise, which is a necessary part of the scientific discourse. This discourse is opposed to instrumental or utilitarian discourse. It also shows the complex interaction of both types of discourse, the possible transformation of one into another.

The book is written both for philosophers and for all, whose interests are connected with the philosophy and history of science, the theory of knowledge, including scientists in various fields.




S.S. Neretina, A.P. Ogurtsov, N.N. Murzin, K.A. Pavlov-Pinus. The aporias of discourse / Ed. S.S. Neretina. Мoscow, IPhRAS, 2017, 119 p. 

In the book devoted to discourse analysis, an attempt is made to understand what the process of linguistic activity, which is different from speech, is. The processes of verbal seizure from aporetics and paraconsistent logic through conceptual "grasping" to the practice of simplifying speech are considered, and its reduction to a report understood not as a philosophical responsibility for the expressed thought, but as a formal list of working actions. The authors of the monograph discovered the metaphysical meaning of discourse as such and the features of the scientific discourse revealed through differences in rhetorical and theoretical languages and between the objective and communicative intentionality of discourses.


Philosopher and the science. Aleksandr Pavlovich Ogurtsov. / Ed. S.S. Neretina. Мoscow, "The Voice", 2016, 538 p. – ISBN 978-5-9193-2012-8    

This book dedicated to the memory of outstanding Russian philosopher Alexander Pavlovich Ogurtsov (1936-2014), involved his friends, colleagues and students with whom he was free to live and think. Philosophy for A.P. Ogurtsov represented the ultimate way of the relationship between man and the world, theming meanings such an attitude to the world, society, and culture, to itself and to the other. Particular attention he directed to the philosophy of science, which, as they say, some of his friends, not closely resembled the eponymous positivist universal taxonomy which today rediscover anew and make the learning of students, undergraduates and graduate students. The main thing was the sense of "mainland layer", the historical occurrence of any of the fundamental scientific knowledge, which expresses itself in logic, which can only be opened and closed to the philosopher systematizer. The image of the thoughts A.P. Ogurtsov way was his life - not by chance that many articles are devoted to his being a philosopher.





F.N. Blyukher, S.L. Gurko, A.A. Guseva, G.B. Gutner. Discourse-analysis and discursive practices. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2016, 134р.

The book made a series of diverse attempts to clarify the concept of "discourse" and to prove the justification of the use of it in a philosophical context. To begin with examples of the Coptic and Armenian written language regrammatizatsii processes considered in connection with grekofilskim discursive goal. The following shows the connection between the ontological and the functional characteristics of the discourses and described the phenomenon transdiskursivnosti. Finally, to address the question of the possible grounds of empirical discourse analysis proposed by a statistical approach based on the isolation of the metaphorical text component and describe the sequence of the transformation of the metaphorical layer generating mythological and ideological dimension of the text.




S.S. Horujy. "Ulysses" in Russian mirror. SPb., Azbuka, 2015. 384 p.

The book sums up all the ensemble of author’s work of many years in studying, translating and commenting the works of James Joyce. The form of the book is a reflection or mirror of the novel “Ulysses”: it also consists of three parts and 18 episodes. The principal, 2nd part, basing on the poetics of “Ulysses”, presents the analysis of ways and means of the transformation of discourses, models of the writing, stylistic techniques and esthetic devices, structures of consciousness and modes of subjectivity, etc. Author’s original approach to the interpretation of creative activity and artistic phenomena is based on the epistemological paradigm of the isomorphism of poetics and anthropology.









Horujy Sergey S. Practices of the Self and Spiritual Practices. Michel Foucault and the Eastern Christian Discourse. Ed. with an introduction by Christina Stoeckl. Transl. by Boris Jakim. W. B.Eerdmans Publ. Co. Grand Rapids, Michigan / Cambridge, UK. 2015. 207 p.

The theory of practices of the Self by Michel Foucault is studied and compared systematically to synergic anthropology developed by the author and based on the experience of the Eastern-Orthodox hesychasm. Comparative analysis of the conceptions in question embraces their discursive techniques, modes of the subjectness and personological structures as well as their methodological and epistemological principles. Three basic models of practices of the Self, platonic, Hellenistic and Christian, are considered. A number of disputable and mistaken points is discovered and critically analyzed in Foucault’s treatment of Christian ascetic practices. Basing on the comparative analysis the author outlines ideas and prospects for new nonclassical anthropology.





Horujy Sergey S. J. Joyce. Dubliners. Early prose. Trans. from English., comments, article S.S. Horujy. Moscow, A foreign, 2014, 735 p.

The book presents a complete collection of fiction James Joyce, composed before his main work, the novel "Ulysses" (1922). Works of this period form a kind of quartet: they include a series of prose sketches "Epiphany" (1900-1903), an early unfinished opus "Stephen Hero" (1904-1906), a collection of short stories "Dubliners" (1904-1907) and the novel "The Portrait of the Artist as a youth "(1907-1914). All texts are published in the new translations S.S.Horuzhego; Russian translation for "Epiphanius" appears in print for the first time. Commentary accompanying the publication, is a usual real and analytic misleading sense, historical-cultural and biographical contexts. The final article paints a world of early Joyce in his inner life, his aesthetic and existential impulses: how unusually independent and original creative world in which the artist in his youth, following their own "vector Joyce" and comparing it with the "vector Flaubert", directed to the top " Ulysses. "


S.S. Neretina, A.P. Ogurtsov. Ontology process. The process and time. Moscow, "The Voice", 2014.

In the book "The ontology of the process" analyzes the different versions of metaphysics, which is the subject of a study process. The process is interpreted as a form of motion as a sequence of states as a series of events or properties of Da-Sein. Submitted by a variety of processes from cyclic to linear, from reversible to irreversible, linear to non-linear. Distinction between physical time and temporality. Temporality is understood as a time diagram as an image of time, the existing immanent in consciousness, where consciousness is a moment of being. Temporality is understood as a way to position the length (extension? Duration?) Being-consciousness. The forms of temporality on the material considered as the history of philosophy (from Aristotle to Heidegger) and nastoricheskom minds of the authors of chronicles and historiography.





Methodology of science and discourse analysis / Ed. A.P. Ogurtsov. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2014, 285 p.

In the monograph "The methodology of science and discourse analysis" examines the concepts and forms of discourse in the history of thought. Traced the main line in discourse analysis - the divergence in the interpretation of discourse. An alternative is to find a common trend of epistemological foundations of discourse analysis - text, ideology, communication, synergy. Demonstrated the inadequacy of the narrowing of the field of research, its limitations humanitarian knowledge and application of methods of linguistic analysis. With the assistance of domestic and foreign literature compared the methods of hermeneutics and discourse analysis, genre features discussed philosophy, the importance of the subject content for discourse studies, values of a number of speeches in the courts.





The Phenomenon of Human in his evolution and dynamics. Proceedings of the Open Seminar of the Institute of Synergetic Anthropology,2013, 404 p.

The collection contains materials of the scientific sessions of the seminar wich leading in IPhRAS from May 2005. Discussed topics has its core of synergetic anthropology - a new direction, put forward and develop the leaders of the seminar, but not limited to, covering the spectrum of relevant anthropological perspective: the crisis of classical European anthropology ; Heritage of Russian philosophy in synergetic anthropological perspective; non-classical approach to the problem of man; anthropological aspects of aesthetics and art; psychology and psychotherapy and various humanitarian practices. Particular attention is paid to a rethinking of anthropology status, its structural and methodological grounds.
Along with the reports are accompanied their discussion. The relevance of the content, a variety of themes and lively discussion made a collection interesting for a wide range of humanities.





 Horujy  S.S. Research on hesychast tradition. For phenomenology of asceticism. In 2 vols. St. Petersburg: Publishing Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy. 2012, 239 p.

This two-volume - the final edition, which collects the main works of Sergei Horujy the Orthodox Hesychasm, which were created over the years. - The first volume of the monograph "To the phenomenology of asceticism" (1998), issued in a new version, in the form of a substantially completed.

 The main purpose of the monograph - reconstruction hesychast Organon. Experience austerity disclosed in a double perspective: from the standpoint of consciousness hesychast (reconstructed on the texts of the tradition), and from the standpoint of modern scientific consciousness (which is not in opposition to the tradition, but seeks to understand it, taking the installation of the participants).



Horujy S.S. Leo Platonovich Karsavin. / Moscow, ROSSPEN, 2012, 527 p.


The book systematically presents contemporary art reception L.P. Karsavina (1882-1952), one of the largest Russian religious philosophers of the XX century. The former well-known medievalist. Discussed his historical concepts, new for its time and continues to be of scientific interest nowadays. In detail, on the basis of archival materials for the first time involved, reveals the role Karsavina in the Eurasian movement. Particular attention is paid to the philosophy Karsavina personality; large modern interest and writing structure, poetics Karsavina philosophical texts. Considered the philosopher's relationship with his main "dialogical partners": the theme of Catholicism in Karsavina, his work in the Lithuanian science and culture.




A.P. Ogurtsov. Philosophy of Science. Twentieth Century. Concepts and Problems: In 3 parts. SPb, Pub. House «Mir», 2011. - ISBN: 978-5-98846-070-1.

This book is devoted to the analysis of the changes that have occurred in the XX century philosophy of science. Sami changes considered it as a change of attitudes and concerns, as a change of strategy in the study of science and as a staging and issues that previously were not put in the philosophy of science. Needless to say, radically changed and science in the XX century. From university research, it has become a matter of huge research institutes, has become, to use the terminology of Derek de Solla Price, Minor science to science. The largest opening of the XX century. - Special and general theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, the creation of genetics, modern cosmology, technical innovations resulting from the development of research - from aircraft to computer technology, military technology to the technical devices in the home - all that mankind owes to science XX century. However, the development of science in the XX century. It has created a new global threat to mankind - the threat of self-destruction in a nuclear war, the destruction of natural ecosystems, poisoning them with radiation, chemicals, etc.