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Рубцов А.В. Нарцисс в броне. Психоидеология «грандиозного Я» в политике и власти.  

Rutsov A.V. Narcissus in Armor. Psycho-ideology of the «grandiose self» in politics and power. Moscow: Progress-Tratition, 2020. 816 p. ISBN 978-5-89826-585-4

The book is devoted to a fundamentally new topic of political narcissism. The phenomenon, which many seem familiar and rather marginalized, turns out to be one of the fundamental problems of our time – the epidemic of narcissism and dynasties of narcissists, the "plague of the 21st century" and the psychological core of the postmodern. In politics, this problem is not only a malignant pathology of leaders. It is also the mass disorders of fixation on the grandiosity and omnipotence of the political whole. Narcissism compensates household complexes, but at the same time distracts from the solution of real life problems. What we perceive in people only as a funny and generally harmless character trait, in psychohistory is fraught with large-scale tragedies. Narcissistic narcissism of entire countries is accompanied by the collapse of basic life support systems: economy, technology, infrastructure. The connection of narcissism with attraction to death is not invented by philosophers, and Narcissus's death from starvation is not a random detail of a beautiful myth.

Философия и идеология: от Маркса до постмодерна


Philosophy and Ideology: from Marx to postmodernity / Ed. by A.A. Guseynov, A.V. Rubtsov, sel. by A.V. Rubtsov. M.: Progress-Tradition, 2018. 464 p. ISBN 978-5-89826-506-9

The book presents results of the work held in the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2016-2018 on the Project “Philosophy and Ideology”. Reference to this topic is determined both by its historical fundamentality and actual significance. Recent changes of the format and “ontology” of the ideological raise the problem of the new self-determination for philosophy in its relationship to ideology. There is a need again to go through the basics of the high quality philosophy’s attitude to ideology and the same time to develop a new language of speaking about the ideological and even discover a new objectivity. Ideology is often not where we are used to see it, rather it is there where we don't notice it, inside ourselves as well. Presenting the relationship between philosophy and ideology this book is a continuation of a very old debate, along with an attempt to start a new discussion.

Кусенко, О.И. Историко-философские исследования русской мысли в Италии (XX–XXI вв.)

Shcherbatova I.F. Vladimir Pecherin: the Pilgrim of Freedom. M.: IP RAS, 2018. 151 pISBN 978-5-9540-0332-1.

This book is dedicated to the personalist philosophy of Vladimir Pecherin. Pecherin (1807–1885) was a Russian émigré and a prominent Catholic preacher in Great Britain and Ireland. This book is the first study of Pecherin’s life and works from a philosophical and methodological vantage point. The author of this study analyses Pecherin’s mystic worldview of a philosopher and a humanist outlook of a pastor, and his life is separated out from a biographical myth. Every choice Pecherin made, his emigration, his taking of monastic vows, and his exit from Catholicism, all caused by his pursuit of freedom. Pecherin saw the inevitable conflict between freedom and duty, resulting from this pursuit, as a solely moral issue. The author shares contemporary Western historians’ claim that Pecherin can be seen as an archetype of the nonconformist.

Идеи и числа. Основания и критерии оценки результативности философских и социогуманитарных исследований. – М.: Прогресс-Традиция, 2016

2-nd edition

Ideas and Numbers: The grounds and criteria for evaluating the impact of philosophical and socio-humanitarian studiesM.: Progress-Tradition, 2016. 272 p. ISBN 978-5-89826-448-2



Measuring Philosophy: The grounds and criteria for evaluating the impact of philosophical and socio-humanitarian studiesМ.: IP RAS, 2012. 159 p. ISBN 978-5-9540-0234-8. 

The book is a collection of articles on the problem of grounds and criteria for evaluating the impact of research in the field of philosophy and humanities. It deals with a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from fundamental problems of what “the result” in philosophy is and what its differences from other spheres of knowledge are up to special ones such as the usage of bibliometrics for evaluating the efficiency of research and making management decisions. The book is addressed to professionals in the field of philosophy, scientometrics and administration, as well as to all those who are interested in philosophical knowledge and the latest methods of studying it.

Рубцов, А.В. Практическая идеология. К аналитике идеологических процессов в политической и социокультурной реальности

Rubtsov A., Lyubimova T., Syrodeeva A. Practical Ideology. On the way to analytics of ideological processes in political and socio-cultural reality. M.: IP RAS, 2016. 246 pISBN 978-5-9540-0310-9.


The volume is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of ideology, combined with an analysis of ideological processes in the modern world and in the post-soviet Russia in particular. Trying to get away from the common prejudiced hostility towards ideologies and maintaining a critical look, the authors pay special attention to more deep understanding of the ideological: its explicit and hidden presence in various spheres of culture, the distinction of ideologies as a system of ideas and as a system of institutions. Such kind of analysis is supplemented by research of the recent problems of functioning of ideology: the realities and myths of the so-called de-ideologization, issues of ideological and analytical work with such concepts as “identity” and “tradition”. The book presents ideological features of the postmodern situation and the place of ideological in postmodernity.

Ideology and Processes of Social Modernization. М.: Academia, 2013. 376 p. ISBN 978-5-87444-396-2

The book is devoted to the study of various aspects of ideological processes. Ideology, being extremely complex phenomenon, includes not only ideas concerning various political events in a society, devices of the state and social institutes. It penetrates all aspects of life, the entire culture. For this reason the book includes articles on the public consciousness as a whole as well as on various ideological processes in specific areas of culture (politics, philosophy, science, religion, education, lifestyle).


Special attention is given to the study of ideological forms in a modernized society, in particular in Russia, to the role of mass media in political processes, in deconstruction of illusions of de-ideologization. The book includes the works of philosophical classics not sufficiently known to the Russian readers: a number of articles by B. N. Chicherin, famous Russian philosopher of the 19th century who was developing ideas of liberalism, and also the translation of the chapter from Jean-Paul Sartre's fundamental work “Critique of Dialectical Reason” (Critique de la raison dialectique).

Метафизика власти [Электронный ресурс]. М.: Ridero, 2016. 335 с. ISBN 978-5-4474-6826-2 

Rubtsov A. Metaphysics of Power. M: Ridero, 2016. 335 p. ISBN 978-5-4474-6826-2

"Metaphysics of Power" is a collection of articles published by the author over the last decade (between 2006 and 2016) in Vedomosti newspaper. The book focuses on the key events and problems of modern Russian politics, viewed through the prism of political theory and philosophy of power. The publication is addressed to specialists in the field of socio-political sciences, functionaries in the field of politics and management, as well as all interested in the development of the situation in modern Russia.

Rubtsov A.V. Russian Identity and the Challenge of Modernization. M.: Library ICD, 2009.


The task of Russia's modernization at the beginning of the 21-th century is being considered by the author in the light of the new challenges of history when the backlog in various spheres becomes irreversible, and the failure of the modernization project is fraught with unacceptable consequences for the country as a whole. The change of identity – both in terms of content and in terms of institutions of its formation, including official and "shadow" ideology – is regarded in the book as the most important part of the modernization process. Being doomed to the new Great project Russia is viewed against the background of the post-modern paradigm and the revision of foundations of technogenic civilization when the freedom and the law become the main "investments into the human being".


Lyubimova T.B. Philosophy and Counter-Tradition. M.: Golos, 2019. 292 p. ISBN 978-5-91932-023-4

The book is about the One Spiritual Tradition. René Guénon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Matgioi are the most consistent proponents of this doctrine, in which the attitude to modern philosophy is negative. The focus of the study is not only on the teaching about the Tradition itself, but also on how fair such attitude is. The doctrine itself is a broad synthesis, covering to certain degree the history of the entire human civilization. Moreover, the scale of consideration of the fate of mankind is incomparable with the usual scale of historians and sociologists because in the teachings about the One Tradition everything is viewed from a metaphysical point of view. While most modern scholars in their studies of traditions take a positivist position. They use, as a rule, rationalistic method, are limited to sociological and psychological explanations, use comparative, descriptive, empirical, evolutionary methods. The teaching on the One Tradition criticizes these schemes and methods. If this broad point of view is taken, the criticism of modern philosophy seems justified. Especially criticism of scientism, as well as dualism, which remains in philosophy. The book ends with the argument that the justification of philosophy is in its purpose – to serve the truth. By its ancient origin, philosophy was the result of a noble impulse, namely, the restoration of true order. Restoring the metaphysical bases in the traditional sense will help to return the philosophy its rightful place – to be the center of the intellectual elite, to create it.


Sukhov A.D. Russian Philosophizing Historians. M.: Canon ROOI "Reabilitatsiya," 2019. 160 p. ISBN 978-5-88373-017-6

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Russian thought on the verge of two sciences, history and philosophy, developed a special field, which is an integral part of history, but not alien to philosophy. Those who belonged to it were philosophizing historians. As historians they are well known and sufficiently studied. As philosophers they are usually mentioned only in passing – in connection with their main activity. The purpose of this book is to identify the philosophical roots in search for them, to analyze the impact they have had on certain branches of the humanities – the philosophy of history, the social philosophy, political philosophy, the philosophy of religion, etc.

Rubtsov A., Bogoslovski S.  Megaproject. The format and scope of the national development strategy. M, 2008.

The national development strategy is viewed in terms of the critical challenges and risks: possible magnitude of the crisis in case of the collapse of the commodity economy, its socio-political and geo-strategic implications, sufficient time to maneuver. The boundaries of innovation development in modern Russian conditions are demonstrated. Necessity to eliminate the gap between the commodity and innovation economy (restoration of "the mid"). The concept of "reform of the reform" necessary to create a new institutional environment for production and innovation is being proposed. This set of vital changes introduced as a megaproject is an enterprise which being historically risky, in the current situation is already unavoidable.


Rubtsov A., Bogoslovski S. Megaproject for Russia: ideology, politics, economy. M.: Izvestia, 2007. 117 p.

The modern stage of Russia's development is seen in the book as an entry into the megaproject, which involves solving a number of interconnected problems of historical scale in the field of economics, technology, politics, ideology and consciousness of society. The relationship between overcoming dependence on resource exports, developing an innovative economy, becoming a sovereign democracy and transitioning to active social programmes is being revealed. Contradictions of the process of debureaucratization are considered in the context of the dominance of the commodity and distribution economy. The problems and prospects of launching a real, producing economy are discussed. The question is raised about the growing time available to the country to overcome the technological backlog and to diversify enough to prevent a systemic crisis in the event of a fall in revenues from energy exports.




A series by Tatyana Lyubimova. Translation of and comments on the books by René Guénon:

  • Formes traditionelles er cycles cosmiques. – in Russian. M., 2012
  • Les États multiples de l’Être. – in Russian. M., 2012
  • Le Règne de la quantité et les signes des temps. – in Russian. M., 2011
  • La Grande Triade – in Russian. M.: Belovodie. 2010
  • Aperçus sur L’Initiation  – in Russian. M.: Belovodie. 2010
  • Le Symbolisme de la croix. – in Russian. M., 2008 
  • Orient et Occident. – in Russian. M. 2005
  • L’Esotérism de Dante. – in Russian. M., 2003
  • Études sur l’Hindouisme. – in Russian. M. 2003
  • La Crise du monde moderne. - in Russian. M.: Belovodie, 2008.
Генон, Рене. Заметки о посвящении = Apercus sur L'Initiation: смысл, цели, перспективыГенон, Рене. Кризис современного мираГенон, Рене. Символизм креста = Le Symbolisme de la croiГенон, Рене. Восток и ЗападГенон, Рене. Царство количества и знамения времени
Самохвалова В.И. Сверхчеловек: образ, метафора, программа. М.: Ваш формат, 2015.

Samokhvalova V. I.The Overman: image, metaphor, the program. M.: Vash Format, 2015. 400 p.

The monograph presents a study on the concept and the problem of the overman – as they are present in the traditional teachings, various religious systems, myths, in contemporary cultural views. The problem of the overman has always been relevant to the human being as possible prospects for its history, its self-realization towards development and implementation of the fullness of own abilities, capacities, ideas about ideal.

 Reference to the topic of the overman is, at the same time, a way to consider the life-world context of a modern personality, its values, its ability to resolve actual problems of modern culture, society. way to consider the life-world context of a modern personality, its values, its ability to resolve actual problems of modern culture, society.


Samokhvalova V.I.  Aesthetic Studies. M.: IInteLL, 2013. 552 p.

The book is a summary of the basic problems, the most pressing and significant issues of aesthetics. It is not a systematic textbook on aesthetics in the conventional sense of the word. Rather it can be regarded as a collection of articles and essays - lectures in a free form, "etudes" to consider the aesthetic perspective in its most objectively important aspects. At the same time, the language, the range of coverage of the aesthetic problems, the structure of their presentation, discussion of the modern existence of aesthetics as science and opportunities and ways of its development along with the setting of important and controversial issues of aesthetic theories and practices allow to use the book as a teaching-methodological guide for the course on aesthetics, as well as in courses on art theory and cultural studies.


Samokhvalova V.I. Ugliness: reflections on its nature, essence and place in the world (Towards phenomenology, metaphysics, methodology of understanding).  М.: «Брис – М», 2012. 592 p.
The book is dedicated to the phenomenon of ugly as an aesthetic category — along with beautiful, tragic, comic, sublime, etc. Is ugliness an independent category or is it just the opposition, the negation of beauty? The monograph discloses the contents and the meaning of ugliness from the point of view of combination on objective-generic and humane-subjective features in its perception.

Маршакова-Шайкевич, И.В. Россия в мировой науке: библиометрический анализ

Marshakova-Shaikevich, I.V. Russia in World Science: bibliometric analysis. М.: IP RAS, 2008. 227 p. ISBN 978-5-9540-0100-6.

The aim of the work is to show the possibilities of quantitative analysis in monitoring the development of science worldwide, as well as contribution of particular countries and organizations with special attention paid to the position of Russia. The study of the changing picture of competing countries was based on ISI/Thomson Reuters databases for 1993-2002. The major part of the book belongs to the field of bibliometrics, where all results are drawn from the statistics of scholarly publications. The study of research activity as reflected in the number of publications is the simplest approach to the above mentioned objective. The dynamics of science is viewed here from the world perspective, but the main attention is paid to various fields of knowledge, single journals and countries. The scope of the study is enlarged by the introduction of citation statistics as a kind of evidence of quality of scientific research. To the traditional set of measures new tools are added here : the normalized impact factor, the publication payload indicator, and others. Starting from ISI data one passes to secondary information data , such as countries' scientific profiles, international collaboration in Europe etc. The Conclusion contains the comparative analysis of single countries contribution to the progress of world science and of the possibilities of quantitative analysis for monitoring of science.

The book might prove interesting to scholars of various specialties. It would be useful for students in information science and sociology, for all those readers who are interested in the development of science.



Сыродеева А.А. Социальная эклектика. М.: Наука – Восточная литература, 2021


Syrodeeva A.A. Social Eclecticism. M.: Vost. Lit., 2021. ISBN 978-5-02-039876-4

The book offered to the reader's attention is an invitation to reflection, based on the texts of modern philosophers, sociologists, writers and poets on such interrelated topics as cultural pluralism, everyday reality and social criticism. The cross-cutting theme of the publication is the problem of social integration, its possibility and prospects for the representatives of everyday views and socio-humanitarian knowledge. Modern information technologies, providing democratic accessibility of public microphones, allow different social actors to declare openly and easily their own position and defend it. As a result, the eclecticism of the social fabric is clearly manifested. In the intensively developing information environment, participants of public polemics again and again are facing the problems of perception the point of view of the Other. The book examines everyday life as a space for mutual understanding. A special focus in the book is on the topic of responsibility concerning the content and form of presentation of one's own opinion, including social criticism. The book is addressed to social scientists and a wide range of readers.

Сыродеева А.А. Возможности малого 

Syrodeeva A.A. Potency of the Small. M.: Vost. Lit, 2012. ISBN 978-5-02-036528-5.

Although the publication is intended to draw attention to the significant potential of the Small as the principle of everyday life, its readers will find numerous warnings not to universalize or absolutise it. The Small is presented in dialogue with various Others (universalities and absolutes, unities and integration processes) that make vivid the strong sides of the Small and at the same time help to realize the ambiguity of it.

A significant place in the submitted articles is given to children. Being the period limited in time childhood is marked by simplicity. And yet, from this period grows complex, diverse world of a personality. Children and literature created for them demonstrate capacity of the Small and its presence in social reality beyond "the starting point" – everyday life practices.

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