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Problems of Russian self-consciousness

Since autumn 2006, the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences began conducting joint with the Russian regions annual conferences with the constant theme "Problems of Russian self-consciousness."

The problem of Russian identity, understood in a cultural, rather than in the ethnic sense, widely discussed in philosophy and literature of XIX - early XX century, was almost forgotten. Nowadays, when Russia is going through a complex process of internal transformation and integration into the world community, contemporary thinking on this matter is timely and necessary.

  • Conference "Problems of Russian identity: "The people can live, but they can't". To mark the 120th anniversary of Andrey Platonov's birth " was held on September 24, 2019.
  • In May-June 2018, together with the K.D. Ushinsky's Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University there  was conducted the 15th all-Russian conference of the Institute of philosophy of RAS with the regions of Russia "Problems of Russian identity: Maxim Gorky and Russian province. To the 150th anniversary of the birth of the writer (Prolegomena)". (May 31, 2018, Moscow, Russia - June 5-7, 2018, Yaroslavl).
  • 14 international scientific conference of the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the regions of Russia "Problems of Russian identity: the fate and worldview V. Shalamov (to the 110th anniversary of birth)". Moscow, 15 June - Vologda, 17-18 June 2017. 
  • In May-June 2016, together with the K. D. Ushinsky's Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University there  was conducted the 13th all-Russian conference of the Institute of philosophy of RAS with the regions of Russia "Problems of Russian self-consciousness: politics and culture" (May 26, 2016, Moscow, Russia - June 1-3, 2016, Yaroslavl). The conference discussed the following issues: philosophy of culture and contemporary humanitarian knowledge; the cultural landscape policy – the political landscape of culture; value-semantic dominants of Russian culture, past and present; culture, civilization, barbarism: codes and symbols; politics and culture in the epoch of glocalization: the region, province, state; popular culture in the space of modern information technologies; cultural identity in a world of diverse cultures, the people, the intelligentsia, the authorities as subjects of culture; art, cultural policy, public response; politics and culture: aspects of interaction and confrontation.
  • In April 2015, together with the Ministry for national policy of the Republic of Dagestan and the Dagestan state University there was held the 12th all-Russian scientific conference "Problems of Russian self-consciousness: historical memory of the people". The purpose of the conference is to continue discussions on Russian identity on the basis of the analysis of the problematics of historical memory. The notion of memory and remembrance is linked to the emergence of special directions in the Humanities, which in the new context, examines various cultural phenomena. The many forms and ways to incorporate memory in interpersonal communication, the interest of the media and deployment related "industry of memory" allow us to speak of memory as a socio-cultural phenomenon, having independent value.
  • In October 2014, together with the Penza State University and Mikhail Lermontov's Memorial Estate in Tarkhany there was held 11th Scientific Conference "Problems of  Russian self-consciousness: world outlook of Mikhail Lermontov. To the 200th anniversary of the birth of the poet".
  • In October 2013, together with the Belgorod State University there was held Tenth All-Russian Scientific Conference "Problems of the Russian consciousness, patriotism, citizenship and national culture" and the meeting of the International Association of Research Institutes of the CIS countries, Asia and Europe to mark the 200th anniversary birthday of native Belgorodian N.V. Stankevich.
  • Ninth Conference  "Problems of Russian identity. Religious, moral, and legal aspects of culture" (Moscow, October 2, 2012 .; Perm, October 4-5, 2012) was held with the participation of foreign researchers Moscow session was devoted to discussion of the intellectual heritage of the outstanding Russian thinker and social philosopher, economist, journalist and politician Pavel Struve - a native of Perm, Perm governor's son. In Perm, a dialogue between religious and secular scholars, centered on the cultural and ethical aspects of Russian identity was closely related to the overall objectives of modernization of Russian society.
  • In the center of discussion of the Eighth All-Russian Conference "Problems of Russian self-consciousness" (Moscow - Ufa, May 31 - June 2, 2011), there were put questions of relations between people, intellectuals and the authorities in the context of the historical development of Russia. Tere was made an attempt to clarify the historically changing semantic meaning of concepts of "people", "power", to investigate what has happened in the past two centuries with the phenomena denoted by these terms.
  • The focus of the Seventh National Conference (Moscow - Rostov-on-Don, October 2010) was Anton Chekhov's worldview.
  • Sixth Conference (Moscow - Tula, May 2010) was devoted to the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy.
  • The fifth conference was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of F. A. Stepun (Moscow-Kaluga-Kondrovo, September 2009). In Kondrovo village (Kaluga region) at the house, where he lived for many years, F. A. Stepun's memorial plaque was unveiled.
  • To understand the processes taking place in Russian society, which has set a goal of transition to innovative development, consideration of the interaction in the national consciousness of the archaic, traditional and innovative basis seems actual. This issue was discussed at the Fourth Conference (Moscow - Belgorod, May 2009).
  • The discussion of the third conference (Moscow-Penza, May 2008) was the problem of evolutionary and revolutionary breaking of Russian identity.
  • The second (Moscow-Tambov, May 2007) discussed the sociocultural and anthropological aspects of civil society in Russia.
  • The first conference was held in October 2006 in Moscow and Orel and was devoted to general problems of the Russian consciousness, on its content and mechanisms of transformation.


The conference resulted in a collection of proceedins, published in the Institute of Philosophy and review articles in the scientific journals "Problems of Philosophy (Voprosi philosophii)" (2007, № 6), "Cosmopolis» (2006/2007, № 2), "Philosophical sciences (Philosophskie nauki)" (2008, № 7, 2009 № 4; 2010 № 4).

All conferences were a great success and caused a wide resonance in the scientific and public circles. They were attended by famous philosophers, political scientists, workers of the Presidential Administration, and journalists.

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