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Theoretical seminar "Problems of metaphysics"

The head of the seminar is DSc, Major Research Fellow S. Neretina.

Seminar "Problems of metaphysics" has been carring out since November 2005. Most of materials published in compilation of articles "Methodology of science: research program" (M:. IF RAN, 2007), and the magazines "Problems of Philosophy", "Epistemology and Philosophy of Science", "Personality, science, society" and "Vox". In 2011 materials of the seminar was published in a compilation of articles "Philosophical action" edited by A.P. Ogurtsov and S.S. Neretina (Moscow. Voice 2011, 244).

Theoretical seminar "Problems of metaphysics" has online version in "VOX. The Journal of Philosophy".


Workshop "Reading Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit."

Heads of the workshop — PhD, Principal Research Fellow, Head of the Department of Philosophical Problems in Social Sciences and Humanities F. Blukher and PhD, Research Fellow S. Gurko.

Joint workshop with the staff of “Center of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation” on interpretation of the classic philosophical texts. The number of permanent participants — 4 persons.
From March 2016 to the present — slow reading of Hegel's “Phenomenology of Spirit”.
On Tuesdays, once a fortnight.