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Regular quarterly theoretical seminar “Philosophical Problems of Creativity” (since 2014), chaired by

Head of the Department of Philosophical Problems of Creativity,

Main Research Fellow at the RAS Institute of Philosophy, Prof., D.Sc. in Philosophy Natalia Smirnova

(Ph.D. in Philosophy, Research Fellow at the RAS Institute of Philosophy Stanislava Filipenok, coordinator).

The seminar`s organizer– the Department of Philosophical Problems of Creativity, the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. 


The frequency of the seminar meetings is once per 2-3 months.



The seminar is aimed to attract due attention to philosophical problems of creativity. The problems under discussion are focused on professional dialogue on philosophical-methodological problems of human creative activity in various cultural fields: philosophy, science, art. The seminar is interdisciplinary. Professional philosophical community`s representatives as well as specialists in the field of cognitive social sciences participate in the discussion of debatable problems on philosophy of creativity.


The main topics discussed:


  • Methodological presumptions of creativity’s study within the framework of constructive realism’s, bodily oriented approaches’ and post-nonclassical hermeneutics’paradigms,
  • Human thinking as creative process,
  • Creative process in new complexity context,
  • Creative dimension in scientific thinking,
  • Cognitive specificity of meaning-constitution processes in philosophical, scientific and artistic creativity, 
  • Bodily-oriented approaches in the study of creativity,
  • Language-based approaches to creativity




Roundtable «Theories of Creativity: Integrity in Diversity», on April 12, 2021

On April 12, 2021, Institute of Philosophy, RAS, the Department of Philosophical Problems of Creativity was organizing the Roundtable «Theories of Creativity: Integrity in Diversity».





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